Hardware integration for turnkey support

At DLC Machine, Inc. we provide precision aircraft component assembly and sub-assembly services. Our expert staff can manufacture or work with virtually any type of mechanical assembly that is either on or for an aircraft. Our comprehensive aerospace component assembly and sub-assembly operations include the production of multi-faceted electromechanical aerospace assemblies, hydraulic mechanical aerospace assemblies, and single component aerospace assemblies.

Our aerospace component assembly and sub-assembly services meet ISO 9001:2008 / Rev D AS9100 Rev D and FAA Certifications. We provide premium, just-in-time, and on-site assembly operations to meet customer needs. We also possess additional capabilities in prototyping, metal fabrication, custom tooling, and fixturing. We invite you to contact Dlc Machine Inc. to learn more about our aerospace component assembly and sub-assembly operations, as well as the many other services we offer.